Message from Jess (co-founder)

Chris and I began designing and building bikes to marry our love of adventure with our desire to put our professional skills to use creating a better future.  We’re aiming for the ultimate ride that connects you with your bike and the roads, trails and paths you explore.  Using sustain-ably sourced wood, the beautiful and unique grain patterns that emerge are central to our design philosophy.  We choose simple, clean lines everywhere possible so that your bike’s unique personality shines brightest.  And if you like, add a splash of color as the final touch.  We’d love to hear from you to get your bike started or to hear how you think we’re doing so far.        

Jess V

Urban Scout

Urban Scout Wood Bike
Urban Scout Wood Bicycle

"While these bikes might look stunning, they are actually much more impressive when they hit the road. It’s like being one with a bike."

Newell N

"Normal Bikes are both beautiful and functional. They're made by hand, and made very meticulously. The thought, engineering, and care that has gone into the development of the bikes is unparalleled."

Casey K

Our bikes are made to order and every bike build begins with a conversation.  Begin the process by submitting an order ($500 deposit) through our shop or send us a message below.

Need more info?  Tell us a bit about you and Jess will connect with you to answer any questions and recommend a bike for you.