Say Goodbye to Traditional Compromises

We’ve achieved the ideal balance between stiffness, weight, and compliance to give you the ultimate ride experience.

The primary use of hardwood in our frames gives a feeling of compliance without sacrificing stiffness. 

The result is a solid,  connected feeling that soaks up bumps while providing exceptional power transfer and speed.

Normal Bicycles Wood Bicycle Tubes

It's not just a wooden bike

Hard maple makes up the majority of the frame, and a thin layer of carbon fiber lines the walls of the hollow interior.  To finish it off, all of the connection points for the components are aerospace grade aluminum alloy connected with titanium fasteners.

Built for strength and durability

Normal Bicycles Wood Bicycles Wood Bikes

These bikes are ready to tackle the street or trail.  

They’re ISO-tested and have a protective marine coating to withstand rain, sleet, and snow. 

They were born in the Buffalo snow, and continue to be tested in the Seattle rain.

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