What you can expect during the build

Building bikes out of wood and carbon fiber is a cool process, and we want to share this experience with our customers.  At the time an order is placed we’ll send you a link to a web portfolio for your bike. As pieces are cut and the frame comes together we add photos to the portfolio that you can check at any time.  We also email once or twice during the build just to let you know where we’re at. Once we’re done you’ll find a small QR code on the bottom of your frame that will take you back to the portfolio at any time.  Here you’ll find the original specs on your bike, build photos, and a link to where we register the bike on your behalf. There are a few different ways to order a bike or frame from us, but this portfolio and feedback from us during the process happens for all of them.

Wooden Bicycles

Complete Bikes, Ready to Order

We’ve put together a collection of complete bikes that have countless hours of thought and testing behind them in an effort to simplify the custom build experience and give you the best possible bike with the least amount of complicated decisions.  These bikes are ready to order through our website, and we’re here by phone or email to answer any questions you have. You can start the process with a $500 deposit, with the balance due when we ship the bike. We’re busier in the Spring than Winter, but generally get bikes out within 2-4 weeks of the order.

Wooden Bike Urban Scout

Customize Components

You may already have a strong connection with a particular brand or model of component, and we’re happy to incorporate it into your bike.  In this case we add or subtract the difference in price and quote with the desired components. Just call or message us and we’ll get right back to you with a quote.  In most cases we can begin building with a $500 deposit, and you can pay the rest once the bike is ready to be shipped or picked up. Custom parts don’t affect our schedule unless the part itself has a long lead time.

Paul Component Disc Brakes on Urban Scout

Custom Build

We can also build a totally custom bike for you.  This is the ultimate experience when it comes to purchasing a handmade bike, and you’ll be riding a piece of art that’s been designed and built to your every specification.  Custom builds are quoted individually and we’ll have a call or two before putting together a quote for price and lead time. $1000 typically gets the build started, and the balance is due when components are ordered.

Wood Bicycle Wood Bike

Buy a Frame or Frameset

If you’d like to build it yourself we have two platforms for our complete bikes which are available to purchase as frames or framesets.  We recommend buying the frameset with headset and fork installed to maintain the intended geometry, but the frames are also available to purchase on their own.  These pretty much follow the same process as the complete bikes – a $500 deposit gets the build started with the balance due upon delivery. The frame options are heavily dependent on the components and type of bike you’re building, so we’re here to provide as much support as you need.  Just shoot us a message to if you need a specific frame dimension or measurement.