1. Submit a Build Request

You can start the build process by submitting a Build Request.  This let’s us know you’re interested and gives a starting idea of what you’re looking for.  It’s fun to fill out and there are no commitments.

2. Determine the Specs

We’ll follow up with a call or email to talk through specs, details, budget and what our current lead time looks like.  When the specs are decided you’ll get a summary from us outlining everything we’ve discussed.  Once you give us the green light we’ll take a 50% deposit and start cutting wood.

3. What to expect during the build

Building bikes out of wood and carbon fiber is a cool process, and we want to share this experience with you.  At the time an order is placed we’ll send you a link to a web portfolio for your bike. As pieces are cut and the frame comes together we add photos to the portfolio that you can check at any time.  We also email once or twice during the build just to let you know where we’re at. Once we’re done you can check back to the portfolio at any time.  Here you’ll find the original specs on your bike, build photos, and a link to bikeindex.org where we register the bike on your behalf. There are a few different ways to order a bike or frame from us, but this portfolio and feedback from us during the process happens for all of them.

Normal Bicycles Wood Bicycles

4. Delivery

When your bike’s complete we’ll box it up and ship it out.  It will arrive 95% assembled, which means things like seatpost, pedals, bars, wheel(s), and sometimes the derailleur will need to be bolted back on.  We recommend bringing it to your local shop to have this done, but for convenience you’ll also get a little 5Nm torque wrench for the easy stuff.

If you’re in the Seattle area we’ll schedule a pickup or delivery and join you for your first ride.

reclaimed mahogany wood bike frame

Buy a Frame or Frameset

If you’d like to build it yourself we have our two frame platforms available to purchase as frames or framesets.  We recommend buying the frameset with headset and fork installed to maintain the intended geometry, but the frames are also available to purchase on their own.  These pretty much follow the same process as the complete bikes.  Just let us know on the Build Request that it’s for the frame only.