Our ambassadors are passionate about making an impact on their communities.

Blazing a new path for people who love beauty in design and the feeling of cycling connected fully to the road and the world around us.

Make no mistake, these are new paths and you’re on a mission to find like-minded people.

This is our program to create a tight connection between us and our communities.
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Jess & Chris

As a TrailBlazer, you are a critical part of our company and you are filling a role that Chris and I can’t always fill. People will feel your passion and connection with us and this will resonate for the right people.  Wood bicycles are not for everyone and your challenge will be to find, connect and engage with that select group of people.

You are an avid cyclist and active in your community.  You have a spirit of adventure and love a good challenge.  You are excited by new opportunities to learn and grow. You are naturally comfortable sharing stories, collecting artifacts and planning events that will support your mission to have an impact on the community.

For Chris and I, Normal Bicycles as a brand is purposeful, passionate, connected, innovative, design-focused, collaborative, adventurous, refined, responsive, transparent and sustainability-focused.  You see these qualities in yourself and our story resonates with you.

This is our program to create the mechanisms for a tight connection between us.  To begin a conversation, send me a message below.