Over the last several months of 2017 and early 2018, we were focused on prototyping and developing a manufacturing process for a wood bike frame.  With several working prototypes completed, we were excited to start riding the wood bikes.

Rider Testing

Our efforts this spring were focused on testing the wood bikes.  We took the bikes across the country with us on a road trip (real vanlife, not the glamorous kind).  Riding several hundred miles all across the country on trails, roads and even in the snow at the Grand Canyon was a highlight for us!  We also tested the frames by driving with them on top of the van through rain in Missouri and dry heat in Arizona because we wanted to evaluate the results of exposure to the elements.  Check out this photo gallery to see some photos from our trip.

ISO Testing Standard

More seriously, we also sent out a frame for testing against ISO (International Standards Organization) standards.  The ISO is a worldwide collaboration by national standards organization.  This organization sets the standards and in some cases the testing methods for all manner of safety and durability products.

For bicycles, the latest standards are ISO 4210-6:2015.  Section 6 is all about frame and fork test methods.

We sent the wood bike frame specifically for the frame impact test against the ISO 4210-6 standard because we wanted to make sure that this design was as safe a normal bicycle.  This test simulates a very violent crash into something like a curb.  We are happy to report it passed!


Up next, we’re working on designing our flagship product, the Urban Scout, to launch later this summer.  Stay tuned for updates!

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