We’re happy to announce that Normal Bicycles has partnered with World Bicycle Relief to help mobilize individuals, their families, and entire communities in developing regions of the world to thrive through The Power of Bicycles.

For every Normal Bicycle sold we are funding a Buffalo Bicycle to empower those in need.

To start things off we’ve made donations for all of the bikes we’ve built so far this year. For all of our new bike owners this year – THANK YOU for helping us support this worthwhile cause. For anyone wishing to contribute directly to World Bicycle Relief, that link can be found here.

This one-for-one bicycle donation initiative is just a single part of our overall plan for social and environmental accountability. We’re calling the full plan Better World Bikes since each initiative is in support of a better world for everyone. We’ve done our best to summarize the actions we are and have been taking over the past years on the Better World Bikes page, and we’ll keep it active and updated as we come up with new and interesting ways for us to give back.

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