It’s official! Jessica recently started a new job in Seattle and I’ve begun packing up the workshop here in Buffalo.  As excited as we are for this new adventure in the Pacific Northwest, we’re extremely sad to be leaving our friends and family and will be making frequent trips back to visit.

Buffalo has played an invaluable role in the startup of Normal Bicycles, from our local supporters and customers to our manufacturing and professional partners, mentors, and co-workers at The Foundry. There are very few cities with the culture and support for manufacturing and small business start-ups as Buffalo, with events like Facebook’s Ignite Buffalo and organizations like 43 North. It’s fun, inspirational, and full of opportunity.

With our move comes a big increase in manufacturing space for bikes and frame building kits.  Anyone who has dropped in to the workshop at The Foundry this past year knows that things were really getting tight in there, so this new space will allow things to spread out a bit more comfortably.

I’ve been ramping down production for the last few months and have recently finished everything up for the rest of this year to facilitate the move.  I’ll be sharing an interesting story soon of the last Normal Bicycle frame built in Buffalo, so keep and eye out for that on our website and social media.

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