Now that I’m shifting focus from design to production I’ve quickly outgrown the small workspace that I originally moved into at The Foundry.  I’ve recently been extremely fortunate to have a larger space open up down the hall here where I can spread out and put together the tools and equipment needed to develop the different parts of the bike frames.

In the previous workspace I had just about enough room for one bike inside.  I’m now able to set up production areas for each of the fabrication processes – laminating, cutting, sanding, gluing, and assembly of the frames.  Some of these methods have never been used for the production of bicycle frames, so I can now focus on developing and fine tuning these processes.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see all of the new ways that we’re combining composites with wood.

The space is filling up fast as I move through design iterations.  Once the production design is set I’m looking forward to optimizing the shop for production orders!

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