The North American Handmade Bike Show 15th anniversary in Sacramento was a huge event for Normal Bicycles.  This was our first year exhibiting a New Builder and we were excited to be in the midst of so may this year (including meeting up with Porter Cycles, Drift, and Corvid).

    Jess & Chris NAHBS Wood Bike
    Credit: Ben Coxworth / New Atlas
    We debuted a number of new component features that we are looking to build into new models in the coming year including:
    • hydraulic disc brakes
    • Force-level drivetrain
    • carbon fiber seat post, stem and bars
    • thru-axle hubs
    Normal Bicycles Wood Bicycle
    Credit: Karl Nielsen

    While those new components are interesting, we were most excited to debut and talk about the wood frame features we’ve spent the development time on perfecting.  These features include:

    • channels for internally-routed shift and brake cables
    • near-universal drop-out brackets that can take virtually any Paragon Machine Works insert you like
    • versatile geometry for gravel / road comfort
    • carbon fiber replacements for aluminum frame connections

    At the end of the show, the location for 2020 was announced… Dallas, Texas!   

    We also met a number component manufacturers and we’re excited to start incorporating new options for things like racks, fenders and other accessories into the Urban Scout models.

    After the show, we met up with Karl Nielsen for an quick photo shoot.  Karl is making his own wood bike using the Normal Bicycles dropout brackets.  Check out his wood bike.

    Then we took the opportunity of being on the West Coast to experience the great weather and access to areas for gravel riding.  More pictures coming soon!

    We’ve also created a new page with loads of information about the Urban Scout and the options.  Check it out here!

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