I’ve grown out of the basement + dining room.  The cat, George, doesn’t appreciate all the sawdust and I am moving into production phases.


After spending countless hours working at home I took the long time advice of my wife to check out the Foundry to see if it would be a good fit for Normal Bicycles.  The Foundry is a maker space and small business incubator in Buffalo, New York and among many things they specialize in woodworking and technology.  From the first visit and tour of their facilities it was clear that it would be the perfect place to design and build CNC cut hardwood bicycles.  The place is like a playground for wood or metal workers, engineers, tech-geeks, or anyone who likes making things.  Within the various labs and shops at the Foundry can be found computer controlled routers, laser engravers, 3D printers, and of course a full professional wood shop.

Normal Bicycles is located among the small business tenants in the front of the building, where we’ve set up our own CNC router inside of a temperature controlled dust and noise enclosure.  The design and strength simulations are done in this space as well, while the bulk of the traditional woodworking is accomplished in the Foundry’s wood shop just down the hall.


It’s a great space for brainstorming creative and high tech ideas, and of course building high performance hardwood bicycles.  Send us an email or stop in to check out what we’re building!

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