As part of a fun blog post recently by Redfin we were asked for our favorite way to turn scrap wood into a useful project. We LOVE to keep all of our scraps so were naturally thrilled to be a part of their story.

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In the Normal Bicycles workshop our scraps are used in everything from high-end projects like our wooden water bottle cages to composted sawdust for our garden beds. Our favorite project as of late is a live-edge madrone wall mount to display a bike frame. This same project can double as a coat or hat rack, and is extremely easy to build.

When chopping firewood we like to save pieces with interesting coloring or grain patterns. The flattest side goes against the wall with your choice of mounts, ranging from picture frame hooks to heavy duty shelf mounting brackets (depending on what you plan to hang on it). On the opposite, outward facing side two holes are drilled for wooden dowels to be glued in place. The ends of the dowels can be sanded smooth or small pieces of flat scrap wood can be added.

Check out the full Redfin article for other interesting and creative ideas, including a bit of unexpected magic!

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