In the month of May, we took two of our wood bikes across the country with us on a road trip (real vanlife, not the glamorous kind).  Over the course of 5 weeks we drove over 8000 miles across the US and Canada.  We visited many National Parks and lots of family and friends along the way.

Varied Terrain and Elements

We rode several hundred miles on the bikes on trails, roads and even in the snow at the Grand Canyon. 

The frames were put to the test by being exposed to the elements on top of the van.  We kept them on the roof through rain in Missouri and dry heat in Arizona because we wanted to see how they would hold up.  

Here are some shots from our trip!

Along the way, we had the opportunity to stop in and meet Stuart from Bee’s Bikes in Idaho.  Stuart’s bikes are stunning and we were so impressed and inspired.

At the end of it all, we were inspired by the beauty of this continent and ready to get back to work in the workshop.  

We were ready to get on with ISO testing and further development of the bicycles now that we had proven to ourselves that they could withstand our adventure requirements!

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