Buffalo’s Normal Bicycles, LLC set to debut their first wooden bicycle model in Buffalo.  Launch celebration to be held at Flying Bison Brewing Company on August 24th.

Buffalo, New York – August 7, 2018 – Normal Bicycles, a wooden bicycle frame manufacturer, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their flagship product, the Urban Scout.  Normal Bicycles’ frames are an innovative combination of hard maple, carbon fiber and Kevlar that results in a stunning urban machine.

Normal Bicycles first set up shop at the Foundry, a creative maker space and workshop on the east side of Buffalo back in September 2017.  Since then, owner Chris Kudla has been designing and building prototypes, designing custom brackets, building test fixtures and refining a production process to produce consistent, high-quality bike frames.  The bicycles are built to industry safety standards with industry standard components and cared for as you would any other loved bicycle.

“We’re redefining what is normal for a bicycle,” says Chris Kudla, owner of Normal Bicycles.  “Our bikes are engineered to showcase the structural benefits of wood, and we’ve created an innovative production process that delivers unique, strong, and lightweight wooden bicycles.  We’re excited to launch the Urban Scout here in Buffalo.”

The Urban Scout is designed for the urban rider dodging potholes around town, getting groceries, or touring the local breweries.  The superior experience of a wood bicycle will raise the bar for your transportation. The Urban Scout comes standard as a single speed with disc brakes for $2,950 with options to upgrade to a carbon fork and/or 11-speed drivetrain.  More details will be available through the website www.normalbicycles.com in the next couple of weeks.

“We’re inviting everyone to join us for a launch celebration at Flying Bison Brewing Company on August 24th,”  says Kudla. “It’ll be a great opportunity to see the bikes in person, ask us questions, and enjoy a Flying Bison beer.”

More details regarding the event will be shared through the Facebook event.  Media inquiries may be addressed to Jessica Vreeswijk (jess @ normalbicycles.com).

Normal Bicycles designs and builds innovative and stunning wooden bicycles in Buffalo, New York.  We have created a production process that delivers unique, strong, and lightweight bicycles.  We build bikes to order and deliver within 2-3 weeks. Our workshop is located at the Foundry makerspace in Buffalo.  Check us out at www.normalbicycles.com, like us on Facebook.com and follow us on Instagram @normalbicycles.