Normal Bicycles designs and builds wooden bicycles in Vashon, Washington.  Our innovative production process delivers unique, strong, and lightweight bicycles.  We make the bicycles to order and target delivery within 4-6 weeks.  We offer set models as well as complete custom builds.

Normal Wooden Bicycles?

Normal Bicycles started out in the basement of our 140-year-old house on Normal Avenue in Buffalo, New York.  Although we no longer live in Buffalo, Normal Bicycles is really about challenging the idea of what is normal.

We aspire to create and build unique bicycles and components in North America in a way that promotes sourcing locally, improving availability, and advancing sustainability.  This is tough in the bicycle industry but absolutely worth the effort. As an example, we’ve selected hard maple for its strength properties and its availability in North America.


Normal Bicycles

Chris Kudla

I had become inspired by the beautiful wooden bicycles already being produced and wanted to design and build my own hardwood frame.  I’m a mechanical design engineer and prior to Normal Bicycles I spent more than ten years designing structural frame and mount systems for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.  It’s with this engineering approach that I’ve developed a new strong and lightweight method for building bicycle frames from wood.  Pairing the latest CNC cutting technology with composite hardwood tubing gives a Normal Bicycle its unique look and feel.

Jessica Vreeswijk Kudla

I am inspired by all aspects of bicycles and cycling – I’ll admit to owning several bikes already.  We have had some of our most productive and creative brainstorming sessions while on long rides.  In fact, I think the first iterations of the idea for Normal Bicycles started on a ride along the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Rochester.  I am a business professional with a background in technology, management and consulting.  I can now add bicycle mechanic to my list of skills thanks to Winterborne Bicycling Institute.